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where was i?

i was on bus no. 15 coming home from parkway parade with my parents (i may have been at dr heng's chem tuition before that). it was a crowded bus and we were on the 7-seater right at the back. it was slightly past 9pm when my dad received a breaking news sms on his mobile. as he relayed the news to my mum and i, there was a tinge of something like excitement in his voice, which i didn't quite grasp back then.

a couple of minutes later, a senior sent me an sms. i forwarded that information to a couple of my friends. but i don't think we quite got the full extent of it then - it wasn't till quite a bit later that we found out that the towers had fallen. while still on the bus, we looked out for the news on tvmobile, but it never came on.

after we reached home, my dad spent the rest of the night watching the news, i think till early the next morning. my sister was on the phone for a long time that night. i was in our room, writing a gp essay that was due the next day. in that essay that eventually became more like a blog entry than an actual essay, i wrote that i felt it was meaningless in carrying on with the upcoming promo exams (which, unfortunately, was most of my world back then). looking back, it was kinda silly and almost trivialising the whole thing.

my gp tutor, who was always very kindly tolerant of the non-gp-like essays i wrote him, returned it to me a few days later with his own thoughts on the event scribbled at the back of that foolscap paper. from his notes, i learnt the term "global watchdog". at age 27, i feel ashamed that at age 17, i wasn't as familiar with the term as i wish i was.

the afternoon after the event, after school, we walked under the vj "bridge" (that has since been torn down as it prevented fire engines from reaching the then-newly built auditorium) towards the school bookshop. everyone who emerged from the shop had their eyes glued to a copy of the new paper in their hands. so my friends and i went in and bought a copy too. in the canteen, everyone was poring over the paper. the front cover was a huge photo of a man falling headfirst from one of the towers. it was a shocking photo. that photo is now famous.

my dad talked about the event, the lead-up to the event, the history, his views, his thoughts, his analyses of the event, for days after it happened. he even talked about it almost an entire trip to the coffee shop and back one evening. he still talks about it every now and then. he just talked about it this morning.

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