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22 September 2011 @ 04:49 am
don't ask me  
hi, this is a silly post, but i just wanted to say that i get uncomfy when people ask me outright about the music i listen to or the movies/tv shows i watch. for some reason, i find these to be rather intimate questions... more so than, say, are you a virgin or are you straight/gay/bi or whatever.

i mean, people's choices of music/movies, especially music, reveal something about them. and i'm just always extremely uncomfy at the thought that my music/movie choices will inevitably reveal too much of me. i mean, i don't think the stuff i like are particularly embarrassing or inappropriate or what, but they can be quite specific.

basically, i don't want anyone i've just met or hardly know yet to have insight into the type of person i may be based on my music/movie choices (plus, they may well be wrong!). so, unfortunately, i'm always stumped when they ask.

why can't they just find out naturally along the way of getting to know me; it's like forcing me to lay all my cards out on the table right at the start of a game! and i always kick myself afterwards every time i accidentally reveal my preferences. often i wonder why other people aren't as uncomfortable revealing these things about themselves (even when we have similar music/movie preferences)??

honestly, i'm also uncomfy talking about music and movies with people whom i'm already familiar with, but who are not that close (i.e. i do not feel secure enough with that knowledge in their hands). so, my apologies for my shifting feet and hemming and hawwing and impatience and exasperation if/when you try to ask. just take it as...a quirk or something?

i mean, i don't think i'm a particularly private person; i think we established on this blog many years back that i'm actually quite an exhibitionist. (possibly physically too, haha.) so i'm not exactly sure where this uncomfiness came from. so i just try not to be too interested in music and movies, lol.

okay, the end.
Mood: weird
Music: John Denver - Today (this really doesn't say anything about me, okay!)