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25 September 2011 @ 06:32 am
just when she thought she was invincible...  
dear journal, i am horribly sick!!! this is the horrible flu bug that hits me once a year and makes me terribly ill for about a week, thereafter i don't fall sick again for the rest of the year or so. cough cough sniff sniff. since this happens only approximately once a year (unlike my ulcers), please put up with my whining for a bit. cough sniff cough.

chuan bei pi pa kao is a great invention, but that nice cool feel at the back of my throat lasts, like, just five minutes? as a result, i'm starting on my second bottle now. i'm pretty sure pipakao overdose will kill me before the flu does. by the way, i kinda like how, right after taking a spoonful of that stuff, i can feel the cool through my ears... except it makes them feel kinda itchy inside after that.

and i've also permanently attached to my nose a mint sachet that's actually meant for my clothes cupboard - and it really works in clearing my nose! (again, just by breathing in, i can feel the cool through my ears! amazing!) i can't tell you just how much i feel like opening up that sachet and taking out two of those mint pellets and stuffing one up each nostril.

because today (yesterday) was my day off and i was stuck at home thanks to this shitty flu, out of nothingness to do, i actually began packing some of my wardrobes! i hadn't realised till today that i had that many t-shirts. just threadless tees alone, i have at least twenty. and that isn't even half of all my t-shirts. and i'm not even done packing yet.

anyway, while packing, my ocd kicked in, and i had to arrange them by brand, shirt colour, hanger colour and/or country i bought them in. i feel okay about mentioning it here, but i always feel paiseh when i'm actually caught redhanded doing ocd stuff... like arranging the notes in my wallet in alphabetical order, straightening the stuff on my desk along the edges, deleting all the spaces after each full stop (at work) or adding two spaces in between sentences (at home)... imagine how much more productive i would be if i didn't just have to do all that.

whatever. i hope i manage to somehow find the inspiration after today to continue packing the clothes. i don't have much use anymore now for a whole wardrobe full of my old work clothes. i have some really nicely tailored/fitted stuff. and some nice little details which fancy up otherwise very plain work shirts. pity. i wondered for a while if i should get another job that allows me to wear them again on a daily basis. lol.

okay. the end. i have to go sleep and get up for work in...some hours. sniff cough cough sniff.
Mood: sick
the doobfemdog on September 26th, 2011 01:49 am (UTC)
hey, i arrange my t-shirts by colour too! i have a white pile, a black pile, and coloured pile. and i always try to arrange my shirts by type, but they always get messed up in the end (after laundry).
a little less than the girl next doorin_transit on September 30th, 2011 09:41 pm (UTC)
actually hor, after i arrange my clothes, i don't wanna touch them ever again for fear of messing them up. lol