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my pet peeves may be few and far between, but they do get me majorly peeved

you know, i like to think of myself as a reasonable person - there's nothing really i can't or won't do if that's what's required of me. i also like to think of myself as a tolerant person - there's really no shit i can't or won't take if that's what's required of me.

to me, it all just boils down to mentality. and for that, it requires a certain amount of mental preparation. and that's just all i ask for - a chance to mentally prepare myself for whatever shit that's required of me as far as that is possible. so i find it hard to blame myself for going ballistic inside when i'm robbed of even just that chance - especially when someone could have helped it.

don't mislead me into thinking i'll be going for a relaxing 5km run only to force me to complete a half marathon later - especially when you had all the opportunity in the world to tell me about it beforehand. i may still be able to complete the half marathon within satisfactory timing, but i will be freaking hopping mad because i wasn't mentally prepared to run a freaking half marathon in the bloody first place. and i would have done much better too had i been mentally prepared from the start.

basically i'm the type of person who, when you tell me we're gonna spend a quiet evening together with just the two of us, you had better not go plan a huge surprise party with a thousand other people. because no matter how successful the party may be or how much i may love the thousand other people who turn up, i will find it very hard to appreciate because i was looking forward to a quiet two-people evening in the very first place.

lousy analogies, those. but in short, don't rain rude shock after rude shock on me when you could have avoided doing so much earlier on.

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