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张祖诚 lyrics

today, i headed to 85 after work because i was desperately craving for some nice soupy meaty bcm. however, by the time i arrived, slightly before 2am, jolenebrother was already washing up at the stall and shaolin uncle and gang were nowhere to be seen. i had to make do with not-that-fantastic cai tau kueh instead. fml.

after that, i attempted to walk halfway home cos i was too bloated with cai tau kueh and sugarcane juice. along the way, slightly before the junction in between bethesda church and red swastika, i saw something that looked very vaguely like this. so i stopped, in the middle of that pavement, and caught its outline. i imagine the motorists driving along that midnight road and the occasional cyclist that passed all thought i was mad. maybe i am. fml.

i walked all the way up to the reservoir, stomping loudly in my slippers so that the little shrieky shrews wouldn't accidentally run out into my path and give me the fright of my life. i do love long walks.

i had originally intended to attempt maybe a lamppost on an expressway - for the night it was hazy and i turned around, looked up and said, oh look, so pretty, at those little globes of warm orange light on those metal poles against the red sky. but that was a pretty sight from memory; and a story for another day. this, this was a sombre, still pretty sight right in front of me. of course, it was actually a lot prettier than this, lol.

public because it means nothing.
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