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alright, we all know it's not something i can't deal with. but man, does it suck.

the first time i had gastric was when i was in primary school - there was one weekend evening when my parents postponed going out for dinner for so long, i kept stuffing myself with bread and milo powder at home to stave off those pangs. when we finally got to dinner, i kept stuffing myself with rice but my stomach continued churning. everyone kept telling me that it must be worms eating me alive. eventually, because it was so painful, it started to sound like a possibility to me, so i broke down and cried.

my second most memorable gastric experience was in 2008, in the mafia, about a day or so before london. the boss' boss kept breathing down my neck and breathing down my boss' neck to make her breathe down my neck. for a few consecutive days right before the day i left, i was in at work before 6am and left at about 1am and didn't even have time for lunch. while the temp staff was out on errands, i made him get me a pack of antacid i could live off. i was still preparing files three/four hours before my flight. my sister microwaved me some cp wonton soup but i couldn't even eat the wonton; drinking the soup alone made me feel like throwing up. of course, this has been written about to death on my blog - that's how memorable the experience was.

i think those are about the only two experiences with gastric that i remember vividly. i've always been afraid of being hungry, especially after that primary school experience.

indulge me in my moment of weakness and lemme tell you a pointless story about str. once upon a long, long time, i casually told str that i was hungry, at which point my stomach gave a higly audible growl as if to emphasise my point. str made an exclamation, and at once, dropped everything on hand, stood up and said: "LET'S GO!" stupid and useless as this sounds, it made me feel like, to str, my well-being was a priority. how unfortunate. even more unfortunate is the irony of how i even came to have to starve myself to gastric point today. but we shan't delve into that.

sigh. have been plagued by a series of strange ailments this week. an entire day of dizziness one day, and an angry churning stomach, another. has someone been voodooing me?? hmmm......

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