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28 November 2011 @ 03:09 am
dear journal, i'm happy to report that i've pushed through the week. and i'm happy to report that, yes, i do feel happier.

limiting the type-of-food intake does seem to work - i had close to zero stomach woes this week that i can remember. i shall attempt to keep up on the water and greens, which i had plenty of this week.

no, i didn't manage to fit in any yoga, any practice with the cantata score, or any movie at all. i even fell asleep in class and forced the trainer to say everything she taught on the second day twice! umm, but the good thing was, i didn't pass out!

this new week, i have two yoga classes scheduled. i intend to catch my movie and squeeze in some practice with the score tomorrow. i have an important book to get through and i'm also hoping to spend my nepalese groupon thing this week. and my saturday is reserved for two separate social events.

whatever i don't know how to deal with, i still don't know how to deal with. but i guess that kinda falls outside of my loci of control for now, so i shall attempt to just breathe.

my happiness quotient for this past week would be 6.5/10. and i'm hoping for better this new week.
Mood: calm
Music: Anna Nalick - Breathe (2am)