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of a certain botak

i took my temperature today! (full of ts...) it's 36.0 degrees celcius! so, why'm i getting so excited over such a teeny-weeny little thingamie? maybe 'cos there's nothing really much else for me to get happy and excited over? hmmm...... that brings me to my next topic...

actually... there is! i spied btg again this morning!!! and laughing again! in that same slacker's posture! oh man, oh man, oh man... don't know what to say. sigh......

anyway i'm home now and really should be doing something else more related to school. like viewing that lecture i missed last friday (sheesh) and the few minutes in front of a couple of lectures which i didn't manage to catch... and doing those bloody readings... and readings, and readings...

i don't really have much else to say for now. and if i did, i've forgotten. btg dominates my train of thought for now. :) oh boy! (how appropriate!)

ps: oh yeah, i have a little poem in the making... but you know, i've got short attention span and stuff... so, oh well, we'll see about it.

pps: oh yah, and you know what? my first auntie came to visit saturday afternoon and she caught sight of this picture of nick cheung i had stuck on my metal drawers. and she thought it was a pic of my boyfriend... omg... hahaha!!!

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