a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

the usefulness of shaving one's eyebrows

i'm a tone-and-expressions kinda person. in fact, i find that much of the time, i don't even hear exactly what you say; i read it off your face and interpret your meaning from the tone of it. in particular, i find myself extremely - too often somewhat overly - sensitive to eyebrow movement.

what's bad about reading eyebrows, in my view, is that i end up processing your initial, immediate reaction to matters instead of one that your brain has had split seconds more to process. of course, what's good about it is also that maybe i get as far as possible the truest and purest form of your immediate reaction... but then that may not necessarily be your final view on the matter, because you have not had enough time to process your reaction to it, to rationalise it and to deem if it was reasonable and acceptable or not. if you get what i mean.

if i were a less feeling person, maybe this ultra sensitivity to tone and expression may be more of a boon than a bane. because, then, i can coolly analyse them and store them as data in my head. but too often, i find myself reacting immediately to them, especially to negative interpretations. also, this tone-and-expressions thing may be the reason i'm so lousy at relating stories - i can't exactly give you a summary of the hard facts; i can give you only the sequence of events, the physical positions of the characters, their body language, the vibes and tones - which could be seen as rather subjective, though i would swear by them.

strangely (or not so strangely because maybe everyone else does that too), i also seem to store audio memory by tagging it to tone/expression/vibe/physical location. (otherwise, i have close to zero audio recall, and would fail at listening comprehension.) if i can remember your tone/expression/vibe/where i was when i heard it, then i can remember almost word-for-word of what you said. and i can generally quote it years after. (and yes, this is how i remember all my friends' dirty little secrets, hiak hiak.)

so i can get a little lost when i'm given emotionless words utterly devoid of tone and expression and vibe and whatnot. and i would want - or feel the need - to know how you meant it to be said... was it meant to be pissed off, petulant or playful, or what? because i am a sadly reactive person, so i need to know.

if i stare too long, look too searchingly at you or into you, it's because i'm just trying to understand, and it means that your thoughts are less transparent to me than are most other people's. but then again, i believe that transparency is often a matter of time. but that's a story for another day.

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