a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

simming in my head

cut to the chase, quick question from thefridayfive:

You have unlimited funds and unlimited space to make your dream abode. What and where is it, and what does it look like? Do you share it with anyone/anything?

(but not so quick answer, hehe.)

i already had unlimited funds and unlimited space in the sims 2. i had this three/four-apartment building called celestial court, where i shared a two-bedroom unit with max, alex and teddy. some of you have seen some pictures of the bedrooms and toilets (look under the sims taglist), but i never got round to showing you the nice airy hall-plus-kitchen; there was even space to fit in a handsome baby grand.

but anyway, about a year or so later, i built another little two-storey house in another neighbourhood. it's very small, with only one bedroom, but everything in there is DAMN cool. alex and teddy were to move in there eventually, while me and max would go stay in another yet-to-be-built house some walkable distance away. but being the crazy perfectionist i am, i tore everything down cos... the rest of the neighbourhood just wasn't going the way i envisioned it would.

back to real life, actually i'd be happy with a little pad to call my own. high-rise apartment in a bustling city sounds fine, but don't want too many other people/families living in the same building/estate (preferably less than ten other units and a lot of privacy). it'd have huge windows that can be opened and opaque curtains/shades - and in the bathroom too (rain shower; tub is optional).

bedroom and study are one with the hall... but still with ample space to do yoga, skipping or some shit. it'd have a row of ceiling-to-floor bookshelves that can be shut to keep dust out, and little door which walks into a wardrobe, with mirrors, and windows too, maybe. must have piano, and thick furry rugs one can roll about in front of the tv.

not too particular about the kitchen/dining, but it should have the basic stuff - in cool, dark colours and be super easy to clean. and if i'm living with guybrush, i'll need a big safe balcony for him too. part of the balcony could have some pebbled flooring, part of it could have some soil and carpetty grass (not sure if this would be practical for guybrush though), but also some smooth flooring for him to chill out on. okay, the balcony sounds really complicated... can i have two balconies? one for myself and one for him...

anyway, if i ever find the time again, i'll try to build something nice again in the sims to show off. but then i really need to get the rest of the neighbourhood in order first so that i'll know where my litte dream place fits in and all the amenities around it, etc. ahhh, so nice to daydream.

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