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07 June 2012 @ 03:49 am
i feel quite tired. actually wanted to go for a quick run after missing the last screening of snow white for the night because of a really late offstone, but was starving and waylaid by the box of hokkien mee on the table and the mango dessert in the fridge.

i can't say i had a very exciting day, but there was an event today that i had been anticipating for days, woke up earlier for and waited dumbly for what seemed like eternity for. i'm not sure i know what or how to feel about it, and i feel strangely numb and normalish, when i feel like i should probably be more rah-rah omgwow about it.

i think i must just be tired. cos when i went to catch what sleep i could early this morning, all the dreams i had were about various possible scenarios of it. i guess i shall respond more appropriately to the event of the day tomorrow when i wake again. goodnight love(s).