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the return... and on brats, and nitwits too...

we're home, and i'm back. i've been awake since 5am madrid time, and it's now about 5pm singapore time, which is 10am madrid time. pretty confusing, but that should work out to approx. 29 hours i've been awake so far, and i'm not feeling in the least tired. well, i was... certain times on the plane, during lunch, checking mail, and even just then... but not now.

the airplane food sucked, as usual. and my appetite's been increasing, especially when i'm in a great mood, plus we're always in the cold. well i tried my best... ate all that was edible, or so i thought... these hunger pangs just keep coming back to attack me. sigh. and cajillions of kids got up the plane the stopover at zurich. not kids on school trips or what... infants, toddlers, under-5s, noisy, drooling, dribbling, howling kids with their over-indulgent parents who're all either blind or deaf to their children's mischieves and the protests of their innocent victims (like me).

this noisy vietnamese family which got on at zurich started off by jamming up the entire queue of people boarding by arguing with the stewardesses and insisting on leaving their hand luggages lying in the middle of the aisle the moment they embarked. and they had to be seated behind us. i don't know what you'd call it... bad luck or what, my sis and i were positioned directly in front of their two bratty under-5 sons. throughout the flight and meals and all that "simulated night" the two horrendous monsters were trying to kick a hole in the back of our seats, grabbing our already-very-much-staticked-out hair from above and playing with the light switch on their remotes. the tetrazillion times i turned around to cast the adults a reproachful eye and perhaps glare the kids into submission had to be met with utmost failure. the lousy parents, i -dunno-why, always seemed oh so caught up and intrugued in their newspapers; and of course the kids had to be just as concentrated on bringing our seats to destruction to pay us any heed.

it's all not fair... i just don't understand... why me? why us? my sister and i have been travelling on planes since we were toddlers too. well, maybe my sister used to be this noisy bawling mess too (from what my parents say). but nobody's said anything like that about me before! i've always been good and quiet in my seat... i never cried or bawled or howled in public places... i never even made a noise when the plane descends and my ear starts hurting. i never kick the back of other people's seats and i never play with lousy switches. and even if i did attempt to my parents would never have allowed that. maybe once or twice, but not hours throughout! do we say the kids are lousy? or do the parents get the blame?

well well i see i've taken to raving... but it's been a long, tedious, perilous journey back... *grin* i missed the weather... the humidity... the food... the low prices... loadsa stuff...... oh and of course the friends... and the livejournal *wide smile*

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