a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

desperate times

hi, thanks to wonderful kane's constant encouragement (read: nagging), i managed to get back into running tonight after an about-one-week break because of all the staying back late, supper socialising and other little stuff that somehow cropped up or seemed more appealing in between.

i can tell that my stamina is getting a wee bit better, although i didn't do the jog-run-sprint routine today - too crazy after a break. i also added a little thing to the sit-ups and push-ups today... i don't know what you call it, but you basically hang by the pull-up bar and pull both legs up 90 degrees while trying to keep your back straight, and do a few sets of it. (i can already feel the onset of muscleache.) i would have done the ifah thing too, but there wasn't an ifah bar, sadly.

i hope that someday soon, i will be able to make 2.4km in under 12.5 minutes again. unlikely though that sounds. :/ i secretly want to have something like the female equivalent of harold's arms and jason's abs... err, but that shall remain a fantasy, lol.

by the way, i came back home, showered and then finished a whole durian (at least five seeds) all by myself. so much for the exercise. argh.

p.s.: google is totally freaky - it can really read my mind. i typed "how to i" and hadn't finished typing and the first entry that came up under auto-complete was "how to increase metabolism". if this isn't crazy scary shit, what the hell is it??? could this really be the most-searched "how to i" possibility globally?

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