a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

the parting of the red sea

what my mum and eve are essentially saying is that we know we can count on God's just-in-time deliverance, and that surely nothing can be better than that. funny how so many things in life always seem to boil down to that... and yet it never feels any less of a new, daunting, have-absolutely-no-idea-how-this-will-pan-out experience.

i think my sunday school teachers or the children's bible story books must have done a fantastic job bringing across just that sense of urgency and desperation the israelites must have felt, with the vast expanse of the uncrossable angry red sea right in front of them and the massive egyptian army rapidly closing in right behind. because i can feel it and recall it all so accutely.

eve said, remember that God made the red sea part just in time for the israelites to cross, and just as the last of the israelites had crossed over, God made the red sea come together again just in time to wash over the egyptian troops so that they could no longer pursue the israelites, ridding them of that menace.

so, yes, i shall try to relax knowing that everything is in His hands and in His timing, as usual, and that He will carry me through, as He always does.

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