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17 September 2003 @ 11:11 pm
lame attempt at philosophy --> which proves i will fail my module  
i've a test tomorrow. so what'm i doing online? i don't know either. ;p
just tried, not too successfully, to put up a site-meter. but well, it's up anyway. :>
i like the nice people who're around me. namely, family and friends. :)

i'm guessing, the key to happiness is satisfaction (to a certain degree). but of course, i could refute myself. so let's just say "knowing when to be satisfied"... but of course i could rebutt that too...
what about a mathematical equation --> let your: appreciation of the good things around us > criticisms of the not-so-good stuff. and this will ==> happiness! ok, that's not much of an equation... help me check for conflicts. haha.

oh well, i just remembered i have a paper due soon. *cheerfulness level slides a little*
Mood: cheerful
Music: xiang zuo zhuan xiang you zhuan -- fish leong
(Anonymous) on September 18th, 2003 09:44 pm (UTC)
long time no c ur journal
sorry ar, feeling so tired from mugging..so apology for the grammatically incorrect subject title. realised i havent been here for like a thousand years. been feeling q sad...prob going through the feelings u went throuhgh back in vj... a bit lost. ermm...no offence ar, not that u r very lost back then lar....hehehee

i got a test on saturday and a paper due on monday and im not prepared for both. feel like applying to jc again. this time round, i must make sure i fail every single subject to convince my parents that im better off rotting at home. hey, mag, sorry ar...feel like im abusing ur journal a little. *grin*

ok, going back to my books. no time to prepare every single subject...lagging in all of them. hopefully we will get to see botak today? hmm..wonder why he cut that hair when he's already ord? maybe he signed on?then that would make him only a year older than u...sorry ar, wont be reading the journal from where i stop since the last time im here. so i probably wouldnt be able to read the comments u have for my this super long comments. hmmm...btw, i just realised i've been able to successfully developing a crush on my statics tutor and math lect (who looked like ng.)...seems like they are the more intellectual ppl around ...

pls pray for me that i wont fail my test this sat, n if i do, pls pray for me that i wont head for the top of the building and jump down. really yearn for a break...so tired and haggard. think by the end of 4 yrs here, we would age by at least a decade in our appearance. look at how little rina sleeps...

ok lar, must really stop liao. do remember to ask me bout the two crushes that i have managed to develop...hahaha...
well, one of them happen to be a comrade. hahaha...well, it is in its initial stage, i hope it wont get out of hand like the last time when i tried to develop a crush on mr. ehem.