a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

moving in, moving on

hi journal.

so i found an apartment for 40 per cent less rent money than what i originally expected to pay. of course it's also a tad smaller and older than what i originally expected, but it's still alright. i have a lot to clean up, though, and had to buy a lot of essential household items and make separate trips lugging them up and down sidewalks... yay, muscles. i'm a little tight on the money as i had to pay, like, 3.5 months' rent upfront AND in cash... erm, so i've resorted to taking hotel toilet paper and room slippers and helping myself to the hui lau shan plastic cutlery and shamelessly accepting maureen's free gift from her shopping, hehe. also, i have yet to get a phone OR a phone line... basically because i'm broke and i haven't received my id card yet, which means i hafta pay like s$500 more just to subscribe and i'm kinda lazy to get those pre-paid sim card stuff (that's so secondary school, okay, lol).

come morning, i shall move my luggage and all the knick knacks and loot from hotel, hui lau shan and maureen to my apartment. then i shall clean it up. kinda dreading the clean-up, because i bloody don't have a vacuum cleaner!!! should i get one? would it be worth it getting one? or should i just get down on my hands and knees as i was trained to as a kid?? argh. i'll still be sleeping over in the hotel for the next two to three days and going to my first day of work on wednesday from there, though.

pictures will come... i hope... eventually. if not here, then on facebook... although i'm wondering if i should really be "letting everyone on fb into my home". we shall see.

so long then. hope all things work out well. goodnight.

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