a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

lex, meet finn; finn, meet lex

can't believe that the iphone 5 -- what with its icloud, itunes, imatch and iwtf -- just added a whole long list of new programmes for me to pick up overnight on top of all the work systems i'm already trying to cram into my head. the good thing is that at least almost everything on the iwhatevers are somewhat intuitive. although i must say that itunes is still as irritating as i remember it to be about 10 years ago... NEVER try to control freak a control freak -- that's why i quit using it long ago; but now in order to be hip and cool like everyone else, i don't have a choice, lol.

there's another thing -- my new number isn't working yet, so i'm still using the prepaid sim on my handy little finn for the time being. oh, and the newbie's name is lex, short for alexis, cos i wanted a unisex name but it had to be a single syllable to be uniform with quinn and finn. just realised that i've had (and lost) so many phones... those that were named: sonia, mika, molotov, finn, hyungnim... and i just lost yet another nike water bottle today :( that bottle was VERY new :(

it's my day off today. i think i shall hafta go shopping for clothes cos my wardrobe is a little bare on the work clothes and so far i've been just wearing whatever seems the cleanest, comfortablest and least sloppy. zzzzzz.

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