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i had 7-11 instant kare raisu for supper last night right before it expired. many things have been happening here on many levels. among them, there was the golden week holidays, then an ex-boss is visiting -- we dimsummed, walked the wet market, bought hairy crabs, tomorrow having homecooked dinner together; surreal -- then there was the ferry crash that night and the aftermath still ongoing, then guybrush is sick at home resulting in some unhappiness, blah blah.

i settled my bank matters today, got a wireless speaker for my iphone and pc, bought some work clothes. actually i really have a lot more to say, a lot more that's been going through my head, random stuff. but these days i just feel somewhat tired to go into heavy written discussion. i don't wanna hafta feel compelled to post deep thoughts, ambitious plans here. so maybe i shall just talk about the mundanities of daily life instead. like my curry rice. :)

i know that the flat has become mine now cos i just wanna laze in it all day and i have enough to sustain myself in it. although i still tend to wake up disoriented in that i can't quite place exactly where i am and with my eyes closed, am not sure which way to turn to get out of bed. i wonder how long it'll take to get subconsciously used to this so that when i wake, i'll immediately know that i'm "home". another thing is, i'm so used to living with excesses that i find myself often feeling uncomfortable knowing that there's no spare toothbrush/toothpaste, stationery, fruits, breakfast bars, etc. at home -- yah, i'm really insecure like that. yet there's no point in getting them so much in advance, especially the food. i mean, i can't even finish a packet of five slices of bread before it expires!

today, i looked at my watch (which my boss recently returned me) and suddenly recalled the marco polo boss who had last year over dinner told me that it was a very unique watch for a girl. i had to say that i liked bigger, cooler watches and that i wasn't really the girly type who liked daintier watch designs. he replied that that was good, that made me different, and that he too preferred girls who had less dainty tastes. it was a really enjoyable dinner, and i think he felt the same, because by the end of it, he had practically offered me a job (and hiking partners too). that was really me at my best. i think, us, humans, we need highs like these every once in a wihle to sustain us for a bit, through the lower times, and through the plateaus. but experience has also led me to believe that to an extent, highs are also up to yourself to create. because that dinner, i had originally wanted to skip out of fear of having to socialise, but in the end i didn't, and was rewarded for it.

so there, i did go into some of my thoughts for the day after all.

just one last thought: i think one must learn to make peace with plateaus -- they can be pretty comfy -- riding through them will bring one patience (hopefully not complacence), which surely will serve one well when it's time for the plateaus to dip.

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