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09 October 2012 @ 05:25 am

this is the view of southorn stadium from spaghetti house. where i had my dinner this evening and ordered some spinachy cannelloni and fruit juice because i was terrified i wasn't eating enough fruit and veggie.

the first time we passed southorn stadium together, we talked about fraser suites and some blue-lit building and our hopes and dreams. the last time we passed southorn stadium again together, i tried hard to force all fantasies of living in this city out of my mind, being deathly afraid that the closer i got the higher the expectations the harder the fall.

so now whenever i pass southorn stadium, i will think of you. i will remember you flagging the cab in yau ma tei, us trying to tell the uncle where to go, you entertaining uncle with his "the police are everywhere" story, us alighting across the road under the causeway bay bridge, you insisting on paying, us standing outside the scamper building, you telling me that back in 2008 when we passed the place i had said how nice if i could work in there which i don't even remember, me going in and facing it alone but you coming back from shopping when i was done, us crossing the road holding hands but letting go when we so coincidentally passed my now-boss; we joked he'd rethink hiring me.

and i will remember that you were so very much in the making of my story here.
Music: 信乐团 - 天高地厚