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hello. today wasn't too bad a day. most days here are like that, though some are better or worse than others.

temperatures in the city hit a record low of nine today, though it's lower -- about seven -- in the new territories. but it's nothing compared to parts of the us, i guess, and the sub-zero temperatures in moscow, where my friends are right now. though i dare say the buildings elsewhere are definitely better insulated, and the temperature in the toilet at home elsewhere isn't the same as the temperature outdoors as it is in my place!

there really isn't very much that's more appealing than piping hot bibimbap on a really cold day -- that's what i had for dinner/supper after work today. i even had some topokki left over, which i stuffed into the fridge. i suddenly remembered the tasteless japchae the korean auntie gave us for free... my sister used to make that at home every once in a while, and it was always tasteless too. maybe i'll get some of that next time, for old time's sake.

the asian guy in charge of the place i go to probably grew up in the states, he speaks like that. he seems to think i'm really a hungry korean rushing in to find some home food two minutes before last order. you know, i'm not quite fond of becoming a recognisable frequent customer because then you'll have to be obliged to make small talk, and then you'll have to reveal stuff about yourself and your life, and i'm just never quite fast enough to make up lies on the fly.

there are days i go out and hope to pass off as a boy -- not today, but yesterday was one of those days. i even made sure i didn't wear my pink specs so they wouldn't give me away. it is rather fun to have people think you something you're not. though i don't think i was particularly successful this time. fingers -- may have to chop them off someday.

last bit of random info: i just watched another episode of grey's anatomy. i adore cristina, and part of me believes that i adore her precisely because i'm more like meredith, and that i covet her self-assuredness, brusqueness and emotionlessness (or semblance of)... she's actually like the vulcans you aspire towards.

i'm just rambling, as usual, so good night, in two words. :)


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