a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

broke for the rest of the year

can you believe that my return ticket to get me back to hong kong in time for work after spending the chinese new year in singapore costs almost s$1,000??!? for comparison's sake, the most i'm usually willing to pay for any return ticket to/from hong kong is about s$400+; i believe i've even paid as little as s$200+ on budget airlines before.

so i'm feeling quite pissed with the money-grubbing airlines now (they all cost more or less the same right now, including the stupid budget airlines), especially since the lowest fare for the exact same flights cost just s$782 minutes before i tried to buy my ticket, but someone else must have beat me to it. so i ended up paying s$200 bucks more for my procrastination. yeaarrgh.

but on the other hand, i've been born and bred on these money-grubbing airlines' income and my family still lives off that to an extent, so what right do i really have to complain, right? sigh.

p.s.: even just on jetstar's "cheap flights", a one-way ticket over the chinese new year costs about s$1,300, if my memory doesn't serve me wrong. siao.


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