a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
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my favourite quotes or those that struck me the most from today's and tomorrow's paper:

"No nation that has adopted economic freedom has ever failed to evolve towards civil and political freedoms, with only two possible exceptions: Singapore and Hong Kong." -- research report from Canadian think tank Fraser Institute

this one made me laugh.

"Life has never been respected in our totalitarian society. We should realise that adoption is an act of respect for life." -- Chinese feminism professor/activist/videographer Ai Xiaoming on abandoned children and orphans in China

this one just jumped out at me from the page (which will only be published tomorrow, so no link for it yet). i couldn't help thinking how true both statements were; i had never quite thought of it that way before. with a population of 1.3 billion, one life is practically nothing, as can be gleaned from politician's statements telling hongkongers protesting against china's tightening grip to go elsewhere if they don't want to be chinese citizens as china doesn't need them; and also from stories like the toddler who was left dying on the road after being knocked down despite many people walking by, stories like the youth who repeatedly ran over an old woman so she would die and compensation would cost less.

part of me is somewhat antsy about tomorrow; i believe it's because i can't help but question my own motives even though i wasn't the one who initiated it. i tell myself to just clear my mind of any agenda, and that as usual, sincerity must be key -- sincerity must be my answer to everything; it has never failed me, because this is probably the area i'm the least lacking in!

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