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midnight ramble on the circle of life, lit texts, and the futility of it all

the by-election results were really rather unexpected in my opinion. truth is i actually never thought the by-default pap constituency would fall into opposition hands. it made me re-realise that the average voter has already come to the point he is well to do enough not to really need anything particularly tangible from his member of parliament. as a result, the by-election has become really less about who the candidates are and what they can do for the residents in that constituency than it is about the ideas they represent.

still somewhat amused and secretly laughing at the pap that this comes on the back of the hougang by-election after the yaw shin leong saga which they made such a big fuss out of. but another fragment of a thought that crossed my mind learning about the wp's succession planning looking ahead to the next general election, was animal farm.

some may remember that animal farm was my favourite story to quote back in sec four when the tortured, repressed cadets finally became the all-mighty ncos. suddenly these new ncos were doing everything, exactly the things they had found problematic in the actions and behaviours of their seniors. and after they had dealt with one of the last of their repressors by means of a nasty confrontation (where someone, you know who, told the beleaguered cadet inspector, "you yourself only scored ten points in the o levels, what right do you have to tell us to study hard?")... after the threat posed by that ci had passed, the ncos turned on themselves, and their new leaders. even the typically politically apathetic boys' squad overthrew their long-time leader, replaced him with a new one who stood for ideals quite the opposite of the first, and then promptly demanded the return to power of their first leader barely weeks later.

it was actually more like animal farm, the lynch mob part in to kill a mockingbird, and the witch hunt in the crucible all rolled into one. (as romeo and juliet played out elsewhere in my life, harhar.) scary, isn't it? and we were only sec four, and just a scraggly bunch of, what, less than forty, whose overfamiliarity with each other truly bred contempt.

i believe that history will and must repeat itself, eventually, somehow; but that even if you do recognise this at the moment, you cannot help but be swept into being party in the making of it.

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