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09 February 2013 @ 03:52 am
whiling time  
sitting around at home waiting for daybreak so i won't miss the flight, fml. had a little accident this afternoon and had to change the bedsheets, which will be left here unslept-on and collecting dust for a week, fml. so my warm winter sheets went to the laundry today, and right after that, temperatures plummeted, fml -- it'll be about 11 degrees when it finally comes time for me to go shower, fml. really, it hasn't been this cold here for weeks now -- it had been hovering around low to mid-20 degrees for the past week or so, i seriously thought "winter" was over already, fml. out just now, i saw some people in thin t-shirts stamping their feet and looking quite frozen in the wind and drizzle -- caught unprepared, like me, fml.

alright, after five fmls, the gmh thing is ... i'm going home! :) what would really be fml is that changi airport floods and suspends flights into town.

i have another hour or so to while, so i guess i shall go push another epi ... of jisbon into my system. <3

jane got lisbon a pony! <3 <3 <3