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06 October 2003 @ 12:09 am
no, not lyrics... but they're ringing in my head  
i just finished watching one of those philo "nuts and bolts" lectures, which i've been continually skipping. probably some info has seeped through, more or less; but i don't feel very much enlightened, reason being it's tough focussing on one main thing when i'm on the comp.

somehow weekends just tend to be really slack for me. and the first half of my weeks will be spent trying to make myself feel better for slacking through the weekend. and the later part of those weeks will be less work, gradually deteriorating to eventually ponnng all lectures on friday. i comfort myself by saying, at least the lectures i'm ponning now are all webcast... that certainly wasn't the case in jc. :> funny how humans always manage to justify themselves huh.

i'm sitting here with an ache in my... the lower part of my tummy... even movement is slightly uncomfortable, 'tho probably not even half as bad as what lotsa other people i know have experienced... (namely wingog) yet, as i related to femdog just now, i suppose i must be glad that my ovaries are (they seem to be, at least) in proper working order. my sister once told of a woman who hated these... times of the month, and wished them gone for good. you can imagine how the story goes. comment if you don't... i hope you don't, so i get more comments. ;p

and i'm really lovin' this song yingni just shared with me... which her... friend... shared with her. ;> the lyrics are really so... "post-able" (read: worth posting)... but it's her song by right, and i shall leave her to it. :) it's really very very nice. i was thinking, if i happen to always fall in love with such songs, about "rediscovering sanity", "finding your way back", feeling like a "runaway train", "lost soul"; "coming back to You", and plenty of stuff in the lyrics about some past, some darkness...... that's because i've been lost before...

you know, lost not in those "ah-beng ah-lian go gang fight" sense of lost. i guess, the closest i could come to description is, maybe, a kinda searching... feeling empty... just lost in everything. and then these songs just sound so good to me. maybe i've never really been lost. maybe it's all my imagination. there's alot of things i still really need to get past. namely, myself. well, you know, this song could actually be a christian song. all that about hanging on to your every word, even if you don't wanna speak tonight...

wingog is just so lucky to have someone dedicate such a song to her. it certainly beats the song which would have been more suitable for an outdoor wedding ceremony, when i'm obviously not the love of his lifetime. of course, it was a wonderful song and all, and i spent the whole of my pre-prelim period thinking that, "hey, what could he possibly be hinting at?"... and of course, he's still a nice and good guy, and he still knows what songs make me melt. but hey, wingog's song's so much better and more apt too... hey, at least it's about somebody hanging on to your every word and stuff. wow material. :)

i'm too gushed by the song still to type a proper ending to today's entry. i think i would like life to continue this way.

and i think nemo at least may have wanted to know my name. or my mind is just working overtime... as it always is. rina, shuqi, i'll explain if you ask. :>
Mood: envious
Music: breathing -- lifehouse
(Anonymous) on October 5th, 2003 09:43 am (UTC)
Need i say that breathing by lifehouse is one of my favourite song. Welcome to good english music.
i've been listening to that song every sunday night when i was booking in, and my camp was situated far away from the station, so i had to take this really long walk to get in you see, so this song would be one of my favourites to play during that.

In fact, the lifehouse album, especially the first album, is fantastic. It's nothing short of a miracle. You shouldn't waste any more time but to buy it. seriously.

Anyway, back to the song, yeh, lifehouse is a christain band, but its message is that of an universal language, doncha think?

back to the song, the song has a wild plea at the end, where the guitars rise and he screams in longing, now...i have cried countless times there, in that part.

Sheesh, i said so much about one song..dunno what came over me. Must have been the song...and the album is not with me some more!this sucks. anyway, i talked too much. i have no idea what came over me.

Just an emptiness inside me i can't really explain.

a little less than the girl next doorin_transit on October 10th, 2003 07:35 am (UTC)
hey i seriously didn't know it was a christian band! new discovery manz! need to hear more of its songs then! :)

yeah i guess sometimes songs can just evoke alot from someone. and sometimes emptiness. or did that already exist before the song played? i don't know...
the doobfemdog on October 8th, 2003 09:42 pm (UTC)
ok i have no time to reply here cos i'm rushing off to school plus lately i've been feeling too lazy to leave comments. but actually quite a bit of stuff generated in my head while i was reading this entry...maybe i shall talk to you about this personally later. if i can remember what you wrote, that is. seeya! :)