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that's alright, alright with me...

sorry, i'll be taking some time in replying comments. long hours spent in school translate to significantly less time on the comp. today, my sweater (with the "or-bit" inside) fell into a toiletbowl. i bent down and cried. ha, not really... i just said "shit" and picked it up, wondering why God let this happen. what a juvenile thought.

and today, we found out at german class, that we'd hafta do a group project, with many little deadlines in between. did i ever mention how much i dread group projects? i'm feeling overwhelmed once again. my philo stuff are so demanding of my attention right now, yet i hate it, and totally refuse to do it. sigh...

and i'm afraid i'll never catch botak smile/laugh again. how can this be?! i never really meant for him to be more than a little joke... same case with lips... and then i get smitten.

help, because work's bothering me much more than my latter paragraph. and the song's making me feel... check out my mood.

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