a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

mini me, simmy me

i'm pretty proud of my re-creation of my apartment in the sims. it's pretty much exactly how it really looks like. i'd like to post comparison pix here, but (1) it's late and i have to work tomorrow and (2) it'll hafta wait till i clean up my place a bit over the weekend. in the meantime, assuming we're fb friends, please check it out on my fb.

i've always wanted to replicate my home (back in singapore) in the sims, but the scale of the flat and all the teeny weeny details never made it seem quite worth the effort -- i mean, who wants to build the place you already have when you can do so very much more in the game, right??

but my place now is much smaller, so that made it much easier. as well as the fact that i didn't bother to first build a building in which to situate the flat; i simply plonked my layout in the middle of nowhere. alright, enough of raving about the sims... after so many years!!?! you guys must be sick and tired of reading about it every once in a while already! (too bad!!!)

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