a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

indulge me in my pre-bedtime brainless exercise

such quizzes are so secondary school, but i'm completely zombified now after a grand total of less than ten hours of sleep in about three days and just had to do something as part of the prepare-mind-and-body-for-sleep ritual, so here goes: (i actually felt it was quite, quite accurate.)

You Are Quiet

You are the silent type, but that doesn't mean you're not engaged. You are always listening.

You just feel less social than most people, and you're okay with that. You don't push yourself into being something you're not.

Your style is very personal and even a bit plain to the outside eye. You don't need to have showy things.

Each object you own is beloved and special. You tend to own things for their comfort or nostalgia value.

You find alone time comforting. You don't feel quite like yourself unless you are able to retreat.

You have created your own world and safe space. You are at peace every time you come back to it.


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