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22 March 2013 @ 02:49 am
why who left what  
i would just like to say in response to allyson bird's "gone viral" post, why i left news, that feeling exhausted, never really being off, waking up at 3am in cold sweat over a work-related matter, spending nights and weekends chipping away at work issues, and working so hard for so long and for such little compensation (which is relative, of course)... all these are not unique to the news industry nor to the job of being a journalist.

i believe that the post exists because of her need to explain and justify to herself her own reasons for having left the job/place she loves/loved, because there is so much residual bitterness and anger from the feeling/knowledge of how much she had put into everything she did and how little she had received in return. and i think i know this only because i, too, have long, heart-rending pieces here on "why i left the mafia" and (to a lesser extent) "why i left the syph".

p.s.: i'm talking about this because her post has, well, "gone viral" with my journalist friends on fb.