a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

heed the signs and scram while you still can, says mind

well, i must say that in my more than ten years of experience blogging here, this is usually what happens. i'll post about my plan to take a hiatus, and then will suddenly find something to post about the next day. this has happened on this space no less than five times over the last decade, i'm sure.

anyway, i have just a short note to make. feel a tad disturbed today. i'm just wondering, do all mentalist-type people -- regardless of background, culture, other bits of personality, etc. -- tend to have an irrationally aggressively posessive/territorial streak (even when they don't particularly have a right to)?

how did sitting at one table talking to one person for two hours become construed as a sign of promiscuity, and was that fortnight-old nothing incident really such an unforgiveably heinous crime? and in which case, how did you fail to notice that, diagonally across the room, you were guilty of the same yourself?

do i even have to explain myself that i remained where i was because i was feeling so woozy i didn't dare to move away in case it showed; that i appeared so into the chat because i was trying so hard to keep my eyes focused; and that if i had leaned too close, it was because i was feeling sick!!?! didn't even give me a chance.

i don't want to have managed to jump out of a frying pan just months ago only to find myself heading straight back into the fire. surely i can't let history repeat itself if i can help it! alright, i really just wanted to get that "wtff?!!?!" feeling out of my system. now that i've done so, i'll put this out of mind. there are so many other things to occupy my time with; i don't need this. the end.

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