a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door


restless and not wanting to think about or care about random useless little things that don't and shouldn't matter anyway.


"your heart beats faster because you have a smaller heart."
"control your breathing -- take long, deep breaths -- and your bpm will drop."
if the above quotes are true, then surely a higher-than-most heart rate doesn't necessarily mean that you are less fit than others?


shall i:
(1) finally start on the final book of the wheel of time,
(2) catch up with the mentalist,
(3) wait for the piano show to start screening on tv at 4am,
(4) just go to bed and hope to wake up early tomorrow morning?


there are days i wish i were seen as an old, sexless and clearly unavailable auntie so that i wouldn't have to worry about things getting misconstrued.

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