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a little less than the girl next door

revisiting a first "love"

it seems like a lot of bad things has happened this month -- to other people and around the world -- some not particularly fantastic things happened to me this month too, but of course, nothing compared to other people's problems. today was my day off, and while i didn't actually get around to much of what i had originally wanted to do, it was a good day.

col and i had a(nother) short chat about lots in life and how upbringing could shape you into the person you are through no fault of yours.

i rediscovered my love for nick cheung... although no more the crazy crushy teenage madness; it's now more a muted admiration for his art. while i was busy navigating the perils of teenagehood and post-teenagehood, he moved from mostly comedic roles to gradually meatier and more serious stuff, namely darkish psychological action thrillers these days.

back home, as i caught stool pigeon (starring him and nicholas tse) on tv, i remembered years ago reading him saying that comedy roles tired him, he had always to seem happy, upbeat, blah blah... and then he moved on to darker roles soon after, where he started winning his best actor awards (at least six so far!!).

i think he did a great job as a mentally tortured, conscience-stricken policeman in stool pigeon. i remember again many other actors always saying how filming psych thrillers took a huge toll on them, made them depressed, feel anxious and crazy, couldn't fully get out of the role after filming. yet it seems as if nick is thriving in these roles.

admiration aside, it makes me wonder, what is it exactly that allows an actor to thrive in one genre where most others would flounder? what (and i'm thinking along the lines of character traits) makes one, anyone, perfectly suited for a particular job while others fail to find a fit?

well, nick is practically the only celeb i've ever really "loved". i mean, i love many others: jay, leslie, faye, sammi, sandra oh, simon baker, so on and so forth. but i was really crazy about nick. my first time in hk, i followed policemen about, snapped pix of them and their vehicles, scouted out the huge tsim sha tsui police station because he used to be a cop and was for a time typecast as one. for years, i followed practically all his dramas, bought whatever movies i could find with him in them, i raved about him repeatedly on this space; and i was actually quite upset when he finally married esther kwan!

how did that (my love for nick) even happen, right? i mean, he's so totally not a looker and has a huge nose (i typically hate huge noses!)... i really wanna tell (or retell) you all about it, but it's 6.30am already and i have to be at work in about eight hours, so i shall have to speed this up and conclude this post less romantically than i had hoped...

basically, in 1998, tvb's epic secret of the heart (天地豪情) screened on tv in singapore. that was nick's first ever villain role, and it was a rather complex good-to-bad transformation that spanned at least 20 epis. at that time, i wasn't even actively watching tv because there was homework or something, but i just happened to glance at the tv during one of the first few epis, when nick, acting as kelvin gan, was still a good guy. that was also his first appearance in the show, where the scene had him walk out of a lift in a hospital, i think.

there and then, first glance, and i was in love. lol. it sounds really silly, but at that first glance, my heart really started racing, and that was it -- my 14-year-old mind construed it (the adrenaline rush and all) as "love". actually, i know my heart started racing because i did a double take at how similar he looked at that point to someone else i was in puppylove with back then. that puppylove ran its long, long course, but my love for nick lasted longer, lol.

so there you have it. another retelling of my love story with nick. really hafta go now. night!

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