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07 May 2013 @ 03:21 am
on vanity  

just finished reading and watching qiuqiu the blogger's plastic surgery experience in korea. wow, i mean, what can i say? i really think she does look much better after the surgery (lol, but of course). and then i catch myself thinking, wah, you mean i can also have bigger eyes, smaller nose, lower forehead, smooth complexion, straight teeth, actual boobs, no more food baby, no more hole in fringe......? that the thought is tempting makes me feel uncomfortable...

...like it's begging for a thesis to be written on it.

p.s.: i would also like to be able to teleport.


meanwhile, at 3.30am, a bunch of happy filipinas sound like they're (still) having a great time downstairs. the joys of living across lockhart road... you'll never feel alone, lol.