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14 October 2003 @ 12:59 am
and my nose isn't making things better  
i'm alternating between sneezes and coughs and sniffles and throat-clearing, and i'm getting pissier and pissier with this bloody nus online stuff and nusnet and what-shit-they-call-it.

i can't download that ssh secure file transfer client thingy from their shitty webshopping site and that means i can't explore it at home, which means i can't upload the project by tomorrow ==> i got to lug that big and heavy laptop to school and i have plenty of stuff undone, and what if it still doesn't work in school tomorrow???

everything is so unconfirmed. i always knew i hated projects. besides this bloody shitty website that we gotta make, we still gotta come out with a powerpoint presentation as a summary of each of our topics on the website! what the ... hell?!?! and i seriously hate powerpoint even more than i hate frontpage lor. in fact, i don't even hate frontpage...

well, maybe we could do all that uploading shit at those more-IT-enabled computers at the SoC. which only means i gotta find a drive floppy disks to save my work in, instead of the thumbdrive. and what happens when i wanna modify some stuff before thursday? ......

i think i can feel my xie3 (xue3?) guan3s on the verge of bao4ing.
Mood: aggravated
the doob: nerd specsfemdog on October 16th, 2003 04:39 am (UTC)
aiyo aiyo. i don't think your xie/xue (i also not sure!) guan bao-ed cos you called me this morning.

today is thursday and i couldn't join you. hope you managed to complete uploading your project and finished whatever things you had to do. yeah i hate doing redundant things, like that powerpoint you have to do and my own "primer & preparation" minor writeup for my major writeup, and i have absolutely no fucking idea why they want us to do stuff like that when we have no time at all. i empathise fully with you and understand you're in a worse state because of your being ill. good luck, really hope you pulled through. hope to seeyou soon too.
a little less than the girl next doorin_transit on October 19th, 2003 01:47 am (UTC)
i still haven't got that darned ssh thingamie to work, but oh well, never mind. :> man, i sure hope your pc is ok by now! or else you won't be able to do your e-tutorials and print out those stuff which miserly nus doesn't supply us with! ;p