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26 May 2013 @ 05:19 am
jumping spiders  
one of the bigger challenges i've faced since i've moved here is having to handle myself the jumping spiders i'm terrified of. it's a small thing, but i've always found that being alone makes me braver and thus stronger. spiders, cockroaches, humongous silverfish, centipedes... are all met with just dead silence, a pounding heart, some form of improvised weapon and a determined, desperate chase to eliminate them. it's funny, how fear causes one to demand that they die just so one's nerves can be soothed -- in my case, so i can go to sleep knowing they won't crawl into my ears, my nostrils, my mouth, over my face. and isn't that -- fear -- just what drove people into killing each other in the course of history?

so, i guess, the moral of this post is... don't make me fear you enough to decide to do just that. heh heh.