a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
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epic fml all in my head

hi again, journal. lemme tell you a rather fml thing i just found out. i've been watching this period drama, 倾世皇妃, for days on tv, thinking it's the first series in an over-hundred episoder of another period drama which i just discovered is actually called 美人心計. apparently, they are two completely separate series starring the same actress, ruby lin 林心如, who just happens to play highly similar roles in both of being some deep-down kindhearted girl who eventually learns to scheme and manipulate her way to become empress not quite out of ambition but rather to secure her own survival in the palace.

i've actually superficially watched a little bit of some episodes here and there from each series on cable back in singapore (the beginning epis of 倾世皇妃 and ending epis of 美人心計), so i actually know a bit of both stories, but have in my head combined both plots into one. now that i've found out the truth, i kinda think that plot in my head makes for a better series than the two dramas watched alone. that plot in my head is seriously epic and has this clever ruby lin character as empress to an entire handful of emperors as one is successively pulled down by another (she is the spoils of war); a few are better men and more benevolent than others, and she helps them build up their kingdom to greater greatness in return for their affections.

i'm just terribly disappointed to suddenly have discovered that what i thought was gonna be the epicly woven plot from beginning to end turned out to be all just in my head. bawl!!! well, at least i found all this out simply by googling the detailed synopses, so i hadn't actually wasted that much time watching the entire series, i guess. yearrrgh.

fml aside, if you read carefully this open book, you will understand its content and hopefully appreciate its story. it's the same for any other book; they were all written to be read, if only one would spare the time and effort to do so at leisure.

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