a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
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more on morale

it has occurred to me that maybe no matter how complex we may think we are, sometimes it can be just so simple to make us happy.

in sec three, my history teacher mrs wadhwani made me -- then considered one of the class' main problem pupils -- the history rep. basically, i had to go around collecting history homework from the class and making sure they were all submitted to her in time, blah blah. that year, i think the bulk of the homework i actually did and submitted in time with the rest of the class was -- no prizes for guessing it right -- history, of course.

i wasn't exactly delighted to have been assigned the history rep role because even then i could tell it was some well-meaning teacherly ploy to help me improve my general behaviour and attitude towards my studies. but i was conscientious in performing the tasks required of a history rep only because i knew mrs wadhwani depended on me and only me to collect my classmates' work so that she could grade them.

maybe even as adults now, many of us are still quite the same kids inside. a responsibility bestowed under a structured social setting, such as a class, for example, becomes viewed not so much as a burden but as something to be proud about. and it doesn't just work with the problem kids.

any normal little boy made a school prefect or class monitor today would likely start sitting up a whole lot straighter, paying much more attention during lessons and taking much more pride in his homework for the rest of the school year. he probably can't wait to get home to break the great news to dad and mum. i can just imagine him walking jauntily around the classroom, chest all puffed up, beaming quite uncontrollably.

you know kids, they don't need to hide how they really feel inside (and haven't yet learnt the need to either). that's what makes them simple, uncomplicated, innocent, pure of heart and just an utter joy to watch and be with, isn't it?

such warm fuzzy feelings to suddenly discover that some of us are still very much those little boys (and little girls) at heart. (though, of course, some of our egos might not be able to take such a description, so it's always better to keep such an observation to yourself.)


i think i believe in paying it forward, and i believe that you can be generous in spirit no matter who or where in life you are -- i think i've finally managed to articulate another one of my life's philosophies. the recent incident has really given me an understanding of the true meaning of gmh. goodnight.

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