a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

the layman's choo-choo train of thought

i first read about the recent syria chemical attack over mac and cheese and fish and chips in a cafe in the auckland war memorial museum.

today, in relation to the issue, a few things cross my mind: should the us go to war over this? surely such a move would serve only to further divert and deplete their resources when what obama really wants should be to focus on the homeground?

if they should indeed go to war, some day this might well come up in history books as a contributing factor further cementing the us' decline and consequently china's rise as a superpower, much like how i used to read about britain's decline and then the us' rise. it might even go down in the books as the event that triggered the next great war, like the austria-hungary archduke's assassination in wwi and the german invasion of poland in wwii.

but even if they should choose not to go to war (russia and china have cautioned the us against war), some day this might just as well come up in history books as a contributing factor to encouraging middle east aggression, which might eventually grow into some other major world-impacting issue... much like how i used to read about war-weary britain and france's pacifist policies towards germany's aggressive expansionism after wwi that eventually led to wwii.

already, it seems as if one can almost foresee how each step -- any step -- would likely play out... that is, badly. it feels like so much hangs in the balance. poor obamie; peter parker's granddaddy did say right.

in relation to everyday life, i cannot help but feel that so often, we can spend so much of our lives reading and reading and learning and learning from everyone else's mistakes and experiences, but nevertheless find ourselves at the cusp of history threatening to repeat itself and not knowing just which path to take.

perhaps it can only be then that we realise whatever choice we make in a major decision, it will inevitably set off a chain of events of which at least one thread will inevitably screw up and inevitably come back to haunt you.

and that's why decisions are scary things. but i guess that shouldn't be cause for paralysis; rather, it should be motivation to more carefully consider every available, conceivable option so as to as best as possible minimise the negative effects one's choices could predictably produce.

...just one of my many excruciating mental exercises ("it's not as if he killed someone")...


i've been back from nz for a few days now, as anyone reading this should already know. much to rave-write about, but little time and energy. we shall see.

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