a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

another stomach story...

i slept for four, five hours, then woke. stomach still hurts. :( not sure if it's from hunger or from the pain of what's probably food poisoning.

i always secretly think i'm invincible till my stomach starts acting up. and now i've been reduced to eating tasteless quaker oats made from water, not milk.

i hope it doesn't worsen into what happened almost exactly a year ago. which i don't think it will -- this time, i can actually lift both legs and move around painlessly, and the pain this time's concentrated in the middle of the stomach, not the side. history will not repeat itself!!

so i don't think i'll be paying another visit to my favourite doctor (nor ruttonjee hospital's a&e) any time soon... and i hope i don't jinx myself! wonder how the doc's doing. i hope he's earning lots of money in return for his kindness to me last year.

my stomach still hurts and i have a talk to attend in about five hours' time. sigh. illnesses just never come at the right time even if they visit just once a year.

stomach hurts.

stomach hurts.


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