a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

primary-school clique

stomach STILL hurts. dragged myself to the fcc here for a cherian george talk though. didn't regret it. the talk itself was fine. but i have negative views to report about the club.

basically i think it is needlessly exclusive to the extent of being obnoxiously pretentious. why call yourself the foreign correspondents' club when you make membership -- and even entry to many things -- impossible impractical for the majority of real journalists? why not call yourself the rich-businessmen-and-their-taitais club? or the people-who-appear-in-prestige-magazine club?

i didn't have too much trouble gaining entrance myself, etc. (emphasis being on "too much"); it was just the general feel of things, watching the way their staff behave and speak and interact with guests and who gets access and who doesn't and where who's seated and who even gets to eat and all that crap. it just felt like...the great gatsby's whole library of uncut books. empty. fake. disgusting.

interestingly, journalists' membership for jakarta's fcc costs about s$80-$100 a year. journalists' membership for hk's fcc costs about s$700-$2,200 a year. what does that say?? is that why i keep getting that vague sense that the real journalists are actually boycotting the club here?

actually, when i privately voiced my views to the friend who was with me, he seemed a bit shocked, stunned, speechless...maybe that i was so uncharacteristically pronouncing definitive judgment on a club i had stepped into barely 20 minutes ago. ahh, but this isn't at all uncharacteristic, if he only knew me well enough -- i hate fake.

that said, applying enlightened self-interest, if that's where you have to go to get things done, that's where you shall go to get things done then.

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