a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

a performatively flighty post

hello lj,

harry's here now, i'll be making a short trip to taiwan next month, at least another friend visiting shortly after, sister and jl in early december, and colin over christmas. schedule's sounding a tad packed; i'm just trying to fit work in between everything -- a year on, life here's still like a holiday, how strange. but rest assured i haven't lost focus... even if i've wavered momentarily... but nothing that'll stray significantly from the grand plan. patience, girl, i'll get there somehow; no use moving too fast on unfirm non-foundation.

i briefly contemplated flying back in december -- i do miss the food, friends and family, and guybrush, most of all. but apart from the fact that my own callous family would not welcome me back(!!!), even colin instructed me not to go back!!! reason being i would then be too busy with all other social commitments and obligations to spare her my time of the day, hehehehe. so... she decided to come instead. she rocks. you rock. brad rock. <3 guess i shall spend my five remaining days of leave on you then. can't wait for my kkmlfmlcolin!

in other news...... i really should be giving another scamper progress update soon; i have much to consolidate. on the whole, things are going pretty well as usual, except that perhaps colin/kl is right that i am overly(?) 严以律己. a friend just shared an article that i feel really applies to me at the moment: the psychology of getting unstuck: how to overcome the "ok plateau" of performance and personal growth.

there are days i struggle between yearning for my scamper life to be all-consuming and knowing how silly that desire is, given my mafia experience. but... assuming that i don't drop dead all of a sudden today, or tomorrow, or the day after, i still have (fah...) a long, long way to go! just how do i keep myself from getting bored so quickly and so easily?? (that is, in the absence of any other major distractions.)

and that is the million-dollar question i shall leave you with for the night as i pack for tomorrow. night night.
Tags: colin, scamper

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