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22 October 2013 @ 05:48 am

maori issue challenge was hilarious!!! basically maori issues colin a challenge, which she accepts and is then invited into their hut, only for them to find out that we bought the cheap tickets that exclude the hut tour... then colin gives the scary maori her that fml face.

that was about as funny as colin's flailing arms knocking out her very cool skydiving instructor brad rock before he has time to open the parachute, only for them to plummet 15,000 feet down. and the hobbiton tour guide having a crush on lotr director peter jackson and imagining herself as the 白发魔女 in the movies, and ben the driver acting in the lotr series, possibly as one of the orcs. what else ah?

actually our whole nz trip was all in our imaginations. lol.

of the ridiculous real things that happened: colin don't let me sleep at night and keep forcing me to recount what intellectual questions we asked andrew about that so impressed him; stalking farmboy keagan on fb and upon finding out about his walmart cashier friends, giving a genuinely impressed "waaah!"; 马马 ate all our duck feed which we didn't dare to tell kylie about and then 马马 so nice take selfies with us.

fire alarm at the hotel, we had to throw on our clothes and take the stairs down, only for the firemen to take the lift up to check on the "fire". we had dinner at the revolving restaurant and colin asked me who i'd like to be there with if not her, and i said ruth, only for her to reply that for her, 我是无可取代的 -- that was so fml for me.

and we fell in love with everyone we met. and colin actually hated her skydiving instructor and complained about him until i said i was in love with him, then she suddenly wanted to fight with me for him. and she had frog legs and i had pig face from skydiving, which sent me into hysterics every time i looked at the pix. what else, what else??

our (my) main and initial purpose of going to nz was to see whales -- we saw zero whales on the boat trip and i felt quite fmlly sick on the rough sea instead. but everything else was totally fantastic; i couldn't have asked for more or better. this reminds me that one can still derive as much joy from straying from initially set goals as from actually fulfilling them.

i had such a great time... the only time we almost quarrelled was when she suggested i didn't fully understand 步步惊心 cos my chinese so lousy; i was angry cos i can't take criticism, hehe. but even then, it was a great night walking back to the farm in the dark that made it seem like we didn't have our specs on. and on the first day we met at the airport, our unintended pun of other people making off with all our 财产 as we bickered then 我们才惨啊!! then colin keep forcing me to eat at kfc!!! and our fml 福没来 and gmh 更美好.

actually i think the most intellectual conversation of all that we had in nz was "is that sheep......sleeping??" (it was dead and had tumbled over with two legs up in the air). i really wonder who's the one who should be rethinking our friendship!

for the record, colin has been tagged 23 times here. congratulations, that's four more entries than lor's 19. but surprise, surprise, your biggest contender is hey stranger, who is the most tagged of all time here, with 88 entries.
α alphaun_cadeau on October 22nd, 2013 02:35 pm (UTC)
Spell maori wrongly. So fumeilai!
α alpha: all i haveun_cadeau on October 27th, 2013 10:26 am (UTC)
i remember:

-evil maori immigration police stopping me and questioning me for ten mins, made me late for meeting you and caused you to have to listen 30 mins of complaining from me.
-your overdoes of motion sickness medicine which knocked you out on our first night, totally ignoring me!
-our first meal together was KFC (gmh!!!) and you swore not to eat KFC again on the trip. funnily enough, we ate KFC 4 times on the trip, turned out to be our first and last meal together.
-jamie and barney! love! walks to the picnic table where jamie and barney were soooo excited (woof, faster!) but were so sweet and patiently waited for us slow and unfit city people.
-feeding a 2 month old lamb and mama(s) sweetie/brownie.
-have you found out the difference between a goat and sheep?
-my deadly farts and your deafening snores. when asked if they would rather sleep beside some one who farts or someone who snores, most of my friends said "fart". i win.
-nice gmh intercity driver who dropped us opposite arista of roturua.
-sweet mike who kept saying "there's lot to do in roturua!" then made me feel very uneasy cuz we didn't allocate enough time there.
-turn out that there's really not much except for awesome urbano.
-when we arrived in taupo and it was raining, so glad we took the executive decision to skip orakei korako and eat KFC while waiting to sky dive.
-some guy went on the same van with us to the sky-diving place only to find out he weighs more than 100kg. then his gf insisted she didn't want to skydive without him. fml.
-israeli (yi-si-lie) kept talking to us and asking us and hoping we'll invite him to singapore.
-for me, i regretted it the moment i jumped out of the plane. luckily got brad rock. he and i did a fantastic standing land. brad and i rock.
-hobbiton with all-knowing and self-important american teacher. even the way he walked was self-important. tsk.
-stupid guy at dragon inn who kept blocking me from taking photos. and stupid woman in blue windbreaker.
-ken and vanessa and some swinging thing on discovery channel.
-te puia and maori challenge. nice quiet time for us. can't remember what we talked about though.
-intercity brian who took us from roturua to auckland and multi-linggual guy @ waitomo caves (what was his name?)
-super idiotic chiefley who 1, made us pay for wifi, 2, did not clean our room and 3, got some stupid fire alarm in the middle of the night!
-pizza hut night was nice.
-40c discount from nice indian guy in countdown.
-visit to auckland history museum, loved it! everything from WW1-2, geography and nature.
-evening and night walks at viaduct harbour area. would we live here, would we retire here? much of our trip we talked about what ifs? that is why i really like your company.
-no whales but loved the dolphins!
-dinner @ orbit. a variety of conversation topics as usual.

what else what else and where shall we go next?
a little less than the girl next doorin_transit on October 29th, 2013 05:06 am (UTC)
i plan to have a gmhnz entry eventually