a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

another happy weekend off

hello, i had a great day today! nothing quite like a great nothing day like this for an ultimate introvert recharge.

colin and i had a great time telling each other how wonderful we both are; i think we're like chuck and blair in that together, our synergy makes us an unbeatable combination! how will i ever find another like you who knows how best to make use of everything i have to offer and appreciate its value the way you do?

it's hard for me to summarise the meaning you bring to my life, the intellectual stimulation, the comfort and ease with which i can express my deepest concerns, my greatest anger, my most politically incorrect thoughts, the nonsense fmlkkmlxms daily little rubbish, etcetc. maybe some day i will try to put it all into coherent little words; not today though.

the good stuff said, i have also developed terrible upper thigh/quads cramps...several days after i finished cycling. walking on flat road or up stairs is perfectly fine, but walking down stairs is freaking painful. i think it might have been my low water/salt intake over those three days. what shall i do (apart from drowning myself in isotonic drink only now)? advice appreciated.

i have a full-day hike in the morning that i'm rather excited about. i hope the cramps will be gone by then, or at least that they don't kill me. fingers crossed.
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