a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door


many little matters on my mind, as with any other night, except that tonight, i choose to put some of them down here in little words, little points.

1. on minor snarks today: 我一臉無辜 不代表我懵懂.

2. i need not make a decision right now, so i need not even think about it.

3. suddenly miss the piano. there was always something cathartic about being able to play some tune, any tune; something comforting, relaxing about being able to expend energy and focus on getting it to sound good. it's my piano teacher's birthday today, and after years of resisting those lessons as a child, now i am grateful for them.

4. i am in limbo -- and limbo is in fact hell; in some (warped?) theological theory, it is. i am in limbo because i am waiting for go home for cny, i am waiting to come back home after cny, i am waiting for my desk switch to take effect after i return to work, i am waiting for my yet-unannounced bonus, i am waiting for my two consecutive days off this weekend, i am waiting, i am waiting, i am waiting to get on with my life, as i always am.


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