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28 January 2014 @ 02:55 am
i want  

since i moved to hong kong, i have wanted to own a digital keyboard. since of course a real piano in my apartment now is out of the question. in fact i'm not even sure my flat can actually fit in a keyboard. i wonder if 61 or 76 keys will be sufficient, since i've never played on anything fewer than 88 keys. but i guess i don't have a choice.

my repetoire of songs are highly limited without scores and without practice, but i think i really miss being able to just ping ping piang piang ting ting tong tong out some tune, especially when you just want some form of exercise to keep your mind occupied. sketching never worked as well as playing for me. and my family took the opportunity to dump our piano when i left, so i won't even get to play it this cny trip home. (really, they continued to keep it around for the last few years only because i wanted to keep it though i played so seldom.) and i generally don't play in public cos i'm too sucky and it's too embarrassing. so sad.

so, here's my birthday wish for myself: i want a digital keyboard.

p.s.: i remember when guybrush would jump on the piano and walk on the keys; it was cute though not particularly melodic. i miss them both.