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now i understand a certain emode test's results

less than an hour ago (that was at 6pm, i took alot of time to type), my sister and i went to this salon opposite of our house with the intention of getting our eyebrows trimmed. this is something like a monthly sunday activity for us; and anyway, there are two salons we can usually choose from -- one behind our block, and this one opposite. this time, we picked this particular salon because there's a chance the other one might turn us away if it has too many customers at that moment; and actually, this salon doesn't do our eyebrows properly all the time, especially when they're busy (they never turn customers away, see?).

so when we got there, after a short wait, she asks one of us to go in and get our eyebrows done first. and she says "xiao mei mei", and actually my sister was about to go in first, but i don't know why, somehow we decided that i'd get to do mine first. so i went in and had mine trimmed in a super short while, because, as usual, the woman was busy and just wanted to be quickly done with our simple job. and then it was my sister's turn to go in, and as i had just taken a seat outside at the waiting area, i heard a clatter and an exclamation from my sis. and then exclamations from the woman, and her asking if my sister was alright, if she had hurt her face etc. etc.

getting slightly worried, i put my head around the wall to find out that the lamp that they usually put over us while doing their eyebrow/facial stuff (think of the dentist's...) had dropped because it wasn't secured properly to its stand. and it's a metal-framed lamp, so you can imagine how it's gonna hurt when it drops onto your face. (think of yourself dropping a metal stapler on your toes, in standing position.) and the lamp had hit my sister slightly below her right eye and given her a cut at that area; and it was bleeding a little bit.

my sister told her to go and tend to her other customer first, while she dabbed at her injury with a piece of tissue paper. and that gave me space to squeeze in and see what exactly had happened and all. and then my sister told me, "they've disfigured me for life", and it was meant to be a really bitter quip, and then she started tearing, probably because of the shock, disgust, anguish, whatever. and finally, my sister said she didn't wanna do her brows anymore, so we paid for mine and left. of course, the woman wasn't mean or anything, she apologised profusely and offered to send my sis to the doc's, but still......

i really feel quite bad, and no doubt my sister feel worse, since it happened to her and all. and i think this probably occurred to her too, that it could have been me, and not her. i mean, if she had gone in first, and i had taken her place after that, the lamp might have dropped on me instead. and if not, the lamp could have chosen to fall just a few seconds earlier, and it would have been me, and she needn't feel so traumatised over it. actually, things would really have been much better if it had been me... yes, i would have been affected at the thought of being "disfigured", but it's usually not such a big deal to me as it would be for my sis and my mum. i mean, of them all, my complexion is the worst and i care the least for it, so i could really afford to "sacrifice" my face more than they.

i know it's all very easy for me to say now; after all, it's not me... but, i don't know, i just feel really bad... things like that are always happening to my sister, and i know she sometimes also wonders how come i'm like always the lucky one to escape dumb stuff like that. and my sis is the type who won't wanna tell my parents when such things happen, because sometimes it turns out that my dad will say that things happened due to my sister's carelessness and all. and then she'll feel miserable for the rest of the day and go sulk in a corner while my parents ramble on about how she refuses to heed their advice. my sister is a little scatter-brained and stuff, but sometimes it just isn't her fault; and even if it may be, well, i don't know, i still wouldn't wanna tick her off at such times.

and then i'm reminded of the time when my mum had to go get a mole on her left cheek removed because it was found to be benignly cancerous. and after it was removed and she had stitches and a scar, she was really self-conscious and all and i felt really horrible about it too. it really sucks... because as it is, i wouldn't have been that bothered if it had happened to me instead, except that i'd find it really troublesome cleaning my oily face.

sigh. bad experience. i don't mean to sound oh so self-sacrificing and crap here, but, seriously, i could more afford for these to happen to me than they can. sure, i'd be affected and the same thoughts of disfigurement will pass through my mind, but had the lamp dropped on me instead, mainly i'd be worrying about how to explain away my embarassment about the new mark on my face to others in a joking manner. maybe because, after all, bu mei jiu bu mei le, that mark wouldn't make any difference. maybe it's really the rich who find it hardest to give up their wealth, because they have that much more to give.

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