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dui4 kao3 shi4 guo4 hou4 de zhong3 zhong3 qi1 pan4

there are simply so many things that i just wanna do. and even more stuff that i really gotta get done. here comes that time of the year... sian zi pua ah...

  • figure out an exam study schedule

  • mug hard for the rest of my life

  • not fail my eu module :<

  • get fit. aka work-on-my-fats. which involves going back to running! femdog, winkibo, i've sworn off slacking, i promise! and senny, perhaps i'll self-invite to your gym. i desperately needa get ridda all these... eek... 'undeveloped muscles'. i so need to work on my arms! arrgghh!!

  • eat healthier. which means less heaty, fried, oily, chocolate-y, basically unhealthy, food. and more veggie. which obviously isn't exactly top-of-my-list. and more fruits. which isn't too bad, thankfully. and all my efforts are supposed to result in a better complexion. it's getting from bad to worse. must be the stress. hmph.

  • finish wheel of time book 10; get the wheel of time 'encyclopaedia', and hopefully the prequel: new spring will be out by then. x'mas prezzies, anyone? ;p

  • get back to my dreadully-neglected-by-now sims family and really master hot date this time! and spend some time on the piano before it rots!

  • and not forget my family and friends in the midst of all these... school has really deprived us of lots of time together. and even if we did have some time together, most of it was probably spent troubling over schoolwork. so we must really go out and have fun soon! this goes out to eq, xl, yn, zq, rina, senny, sq... anymore? do i have anymore friends? who's coming back these hols?

ps: hey you long_si, i'm starting to get a teeny weeny bit worried that wj might really be slightly pissed off at me leh. he didn't reply my sms and i also don't know how to explain my own anti-socialness, so, oh well... but aiyah, it's just a very small matter lah, so don't need to feel guilty over it. haha.

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