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18 May 2014 @ 01:15 am
please manage my expectations  
some hiccups with the new flat, which is making me a bit mad. i do hate to be tied down, locked in, bound to something, stuck in limbo.

now i can't even confirm exactly when i can move in, and this impacts planning, in terms of getting movers, furniture, packing, applying for leave, how much effort i should put into cleaning up my current place now, etc. etc. not to mention all the additional document work involved as i may have to get an extension of my current lease, which if indeed granted, would probably tie me down for another three to six months. during which time, because of all the necessary planning and budgeting, would make it highly inconvenient for me to take any big long costly holiday.

in which case, i might as well (a) just renew my current lease for another year, which i really do not want, or (b) find a new place, which will inevitably cost me at least 30 per cent more a month. but i already have my heart set on this new flat.

and that's exactly the feeling i hate -- making me expect something only to tell me later on that it would be different from and less desirable to me than initially promised.

such situations always provoke an lj rant from me. back in the syph, promising me i'll be working on text the day before only to make me do a full day of design, and show lead pages to boot. telling me to do a short sprint only to reveal after i've started running that it's actually a marathon. claiming you're happy to have a fling only to ask in bed for a long-term commitment. basically, expectation management failure.

so i guess "a bit mad" was a bit of an understatement. grrr.