a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

stories of the day

today's celebrity-goss convo with friend over wang lee hom, recently married singer who had been rumoured gay for years. at the time of his marriage, many (myself included) refused to believe it, insisting it must be a smokescreen.

me: eh, just read that lee hom's wife is five months' pregnant. i guess even gay can turn straight

friend: no la, i think they did ivf

me: but they got married just five months ago leh

friend: maybe they planned it before they got married

moral of the story: it's hard to change people's minds once they believe something about you. guard your reputation with your life!!!


also today, was assaulted in the nostrils by someone who walked past my desk a couple of times. somewhat bewildered because i wasn't quite sure what just hit me -- twice -- i asked my supe about it. with a completely straight face and matter-of-fact tone, she said: "it's coming to summer and some of the guys here just have a problem managing their personal hygiene." then she burst into a slight manic laughter, presumably at my horrified expression.


lastly, someone has been trying to persuade me to move in with some guy i don't know and to pay her three grand hkd for it. the ludicrousness of the proposition -- made twice -- almost convinces me that she thinks i work along lockhart road. wonder what in my old jeans, sloppy t-shirt, sneakers and backpack gave her that idea. and even if so, how come she still expects me to pay... shouldn't she be the one paying me then??!?

as a sidenote, since we're on the topic, a couple of weeks back, a fat angmoh dude accompanied by a skimpily-clad lockhart-road-type woman stopped me to ask for directions as i was on my way home from work. after i directed him to his hotel, which was just a few steps down, he invited me to join them in his room -- again, twice, after i appeared confused the first time round. i said no thanks and fled.

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