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on how one can shock me outta my wits within seconds

a continuation of the relatively minor-er stuff i wanna do:

  • get my old homepage up and running so i can post my eeky fan fics and stuff up there without constantly disgusting my hapless lj-friends and blog-fans here. *evil laugh*

  • repair the main brain of the house (ie. the 'inside computer') so that it's compatible with the scanner and digicams once again, so i can post pics again! i have so many pics to share... wahahaha... of my handsome guy-dee-cat, of random stuff etc. etc. i'm so inspired by other people's photoblogs! (but then, don't expect me to ever achieve their standards ah)

  • and i must share my german class' pics with you all. this doesn't require any repairing of the pc, so it should happen soon, once i feel like it. and our deutsch projekt website is up! hahaha... i'll link it later tonight or during the weekend or something.

stuff that i really oughta get done soon (ie. school stuff):

  • practise that whole thick stack of philo mcqs for tomorrow's revision session. finish at the very very least 2 of those papers by tonight, because those are what my cute botak ri-rj-president's-scholar tutor will be going through. (clarification: before you all go shan1 feng1 dian3 huo3, if my chinese is right, i just think he's cute, that's all.)

  • overall revision of english 'texbook' and tutorials by wednesday, and hopefully to get all those practice papers done by then too. if not, then by the next weekend lor, i suppose.

  • of course, revision for computing has to be completed by next saturday, since it's on next saturday. yeah... i gotta check my mid-term grades and stuff on the ivle soon, and then i hope to do a thorough study of all that stuff this week. it's getting really rather boring, so i'm not really looking forward to it much. but oh well, t'was my choice. mei2 you3 yuan4 yan2.

  • lastly, i hope to be able to simultaneously do some studying of eu history in between, or i'll be condemned to failure most definitely. it's on the 27th, so technically, i have a little less than 3 weeks. but you know how time flies... (ok, cut out the lame joke about how to time those insects) i'm really really praying that i don't flunk this module, help!

minor-er school stuff that're not as much fun planning as my very first topic:

  • return the stack of library books on stalin.

  • check out my exam schedule and i'm starting to suspect i'd better go on a recce first, in case i lose my way and stuff... you know how scared i get about directions!

  • i'm sure there are way more stuff i have to get done, just that i can't recall them at the moment.

in any case, i'm at the yih cblc weirdo computer room thingy now, and this is the very first time i'm actually typing a real entry in school! hurray! school has become second home! wahaha, ok that was damn lame and uncalled for. before i hurry and go for that manna evening thingy in a very short while, i just wanted to quickly share this thing that happened to me today --

sushan's this honours year girl in the navigators who does my bible study with me. and so we were at the nuh canteen having lunch this afternoon, and i had just come back to the table with my usual fare of yong tau hoo and stuff, when suddenly she asks me in a most serious tone,

"can you tell me honestly and truthfully..."

i freeze, wondering what in the world could she be meaning to ask me... and i nod my head and say ok, i think, quite calmly.

"do you like..."

shock. horror. i wonder if i turned red, but then i doubt so. and even if i did, i could credit the sweltering heat for that, haha. i think my face didn't change, most thankfully.

"to eat dessert?"

i was so shocked at her final statement and so utterly relieved that i laughed out loud. of course i do! and when i enquired why she asked the way she did, she said she was afraid i'd be those type who don't dare to say that i wanna have dessert... so funny! oh my gosh, i'd never be shy about food! (at least for now, i think)

you know, before that last statement came out of her mouth, i was really rather freaked out and already going down my list on who could have been that super big-mouth to go let slip about oliver's daddy. tsk tsk. a very funny thing.

gotta run. miss you all. miss my lj. :)

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